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Terms &
Please look through our terms and conditions, and if you have any queries then please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

1. By contacting & using the services of Crystalclear Cleaners whether via telephone, e-mail, or the website, you the client is are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions we have set below once our service has started.
2. All costs for our services carried out on a regular basis should be paid either by cash, debit/credit card, standing order, BACS transfer, upon the completion of work unless other arrangements have been made prior with one of our managers at Crystalclear Cleaners Ltd.
3. Under no circumstance will any cleaning work will be carried out unless you the Client settles all previous outstanding balances.

4. Crystalclear Cleaners Ltd has a comprehensive public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance. We at Crystalclear Cleaners Ltd are legally liable for any accidental damage caused by the cleaners.
5. It is the responsibility of the Client to maintain safety of the Cleaning Operative whilst in their property.  All fragile and breakable items must be secured or removed. Any pictures, photographs, prints, paintings, mirrors, wall art, must be firmly secured to the wall. If any are not properly secured it must be brought to the attention of Crystalclear Cleaners Management team. Any Heavy objects and items of furniture will not be moved or handled by our team; the Clients are required to make prior arrangements.
6. Any damages, thefts and breakages under no circumstances must be reported within 24 hours of the clean that had just been carried, otherwise the claim will be invalid.
7. If any of the above is reported, we will carry out our investigations to the best of our ability failing that we will contact the police to finalise the investigation.
8. You the client must accept and understand that if something may become damaged, broken, or stolen and cannot be replaced with a new one, you the client will be credited with the current cash value of the items.
9. Should it be the case that one of our operatives lose your keys we at Crystalclear cleaners will arrange and pay for any costs incurred in changing the locks if an invoice is produced?   
10. You the Client is solely responsible for ensuring access to their property at the pre-arranged time. If you have provided keys, they must open and close all locks without any special efforts or skills. If you fail to provide our cleaners access to the property is subject to the cost of the service required.   
11. The Client must ensure there is a supply of electricity and running water at the premises where our cleaners have agreed to clean.   
12. If by any chance you feel that the work carried out at your property has not been done to the specifications and you feel it is not acceptable you must report this within 24 hours of the clean that has just taken place and we will do our best to carry out the work again, only once an investigation has been carried out.
13. Once you agree for us to clean, we will assess how long the clean would roughly take but it is always subject to change should our operatives feel they are pushed for time and they feel they cannot carry out the tasks within the timeframe given then a new assessment would have to be made and to re-evaluate the time frames.
14. The quoted price once an assessment has been carried out does not include any extras other than what has been stated, should you need any added extras then please contact our office 24 hours prior to our operatives attending.
15. You the Client has the right to cancel your next appointment if you give our office a minimum of 24 hours’ notice in advance. The Client therefore must agree to then pay the full price of the scheduled clean if a cancellation is made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. No cleans can be cancelled if termination of contract has been instigated without full payment still being made for that clean.
16. You the Client will always have the right to terminate their cleaning services by giving a minimum of 28 days’ notice in writing.   
17. If at any point during your contract with us, you are not happy with the way your cleaning operative please let us know as soon as possible so we can therefore find you a suitable replacement.  
18. We will ensure that you have a suitable replacement should your regular cleaning operative be unable to attend for any reason. This may result in our cleaning operatives going out in pairs so they can become accustomed to the surroundings.   
19. Payment for all cleans must be paid before or at the time of the clean. If paying by bank transfer this must be in our account no later than by 17:00hrs on the day of clean whichever comes first, if payment has not been received by 12:00hrs the next working day then Crystalclear Cleaners Ltd may at their discretion add a penalty charge of £10.00 to the outstanding balance due. If after a further 7 days payment has still not been received, then Crystalclear Cleaners Ltd may add a weekly interest charge of 5% per week to any outstanding balances owed and take legal action to recover the balance owed and all costs.
20. We at Crystalclear Cleaners will not be held responsible for any discolouration of fabrics that become more visible once soil has been removed.  
21. Employing the services of our operatives at Crystalclear Cleaning Ltd is solely based on trust; both the you client and Crystalclear cleaners Ltd are obligated to always maintain, dignity and privacy, therefore disclosure of any confidential information about each other to a third party is deemed unacceptable.
22.  You the Client have been notified of the Terms and Conditions and we trust they have been read and completely understood, and please be aware these can be changed at any time without notice.  
23. Please be aware that Legal action may be taken immediately against any person or persons who breaches these terms and conditions.
24. If terminating our services any Keys held will be returned once all monies owed have been paid. If we need to make a further visit to return the keys this will be charged at our minimum call out fee at the time.
© Crystalclear Cleaners Ltd 2021
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